Mission Statement

For over 40 years, Xia-Hifa Biologics has been at the cutting-edge of life improvement technologies. With advanced expertise and thousands of patents in robotics, pharmaceuticals, and genetic engineering, Xia-Hifa strives to push the boundaries of health innovation. We are also the pioneers of the 100% Renewable Energy philosophy and have been self-sufficient in our power needs for over 3 years.


Our Headquarters

Thanks to its special relationship with His Majesty's Government, Xia-Hifa's worldwide headquarters are now proudly located in the United Kingdom. Our brand new British headquarters building contains the most advanced set of facilities in the world for virology, genetics, and neurology. The facility has been named "Best Place To Work" by Business Monthly, and we are proud to support British science for years to come.


forever evolving

Xia-Hifa Biologics was founded on one principle: to accelerate the evolution of the human race. The continued survival and dominance of our species has forever relied on our ability to interface with technology and to adapt the world around us to our needs. Xia-Hifa has achieved this time and time again, and with thousands of personnel across the globe striving towards the same goal, we are truly Winning The Human Race.