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Hyperpath, the revolutionary management philosophy developed at Xia-Hifa Biologics, has been named Best Management Strategy by Business Monthly. Hyperpath co-creator Samantha Dunn was on hand to accept the award at a gala event earlier this month.

Hyperpath is designed around the concept of segmenting each overall strategy or intent into discrete sections, which can be distributed throughout a team. These segments can themselves be broken up to ensure the most efficient usage of human resources. Through the usage of 'goal shielding', unique to Hyperpath, the crucial elements of a strategy are always preserved, even in teams of thousands. This methodology was developed through testing and AI-led analysis of the workflows of Xia-Hifa employees.

Corporate efficiency at Xia-Hifa has improved by over 150% since the introduction of Hyperpath, and the team have continued to iterate on the methods of Hyperpath to boost this even further. Xia-Hifa has also provided consultation to businesses looking to include Hyperpath in their corporate strategy.

More information on making Hyperpath work for your business is available in Hyperpath: Paving The Way for Efficient Management, available from the Xia-Hifa Store and all good booksellers.