Emergency Message from our CEO

I have received many messages regarding the recent viral outbreak currently being referred to as "grey flu" and would like to allay some concerns here.

First and foremost, please be assured that we are taking these reports extremely seriously. Our scientists assure me that they are fully capable of sequencing the virus' genome and are working in collaboration with laboratories across the UK on a treatment. Xia-Hifa is fully committed to dealing with this, and I have assigned all available resources to deploy our treatment as soon as it is ready.

I reiterate the statements by HM Government that any sort of panic is completely unwarranted.

Finally, I would like to remind you that Xia-Hifa is the proud creator and sole distributor of Arenovir. This has proven to be the only effective treatment for Junin 2, a highly contagious and lethal virus. With that sort of experience under our belt, we can certainly handle a simple flu outbreak.

I will conclude by once again assuring you all that we are staying on top of this, and I'm confident that my next update will be with more good news.

- Alex Zedong, CEO

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